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Succeeding ay selling your home will be a combination of the right marketing methods and also being a neighbour expert. Due to my success in the New Town area of Umhlanga I have decided to focus on this area due to the large number of leads I have looking for a home.  And will give you some tips on what you should look for in an agent and what I do to make sure my properties are sold the right way. 

I will highlight in the innovative approaches I will utilise to ensure your property gets the best exposure and ultimately gets sold for the best price possible in your desired time-frame. 



  1. Past Sales 
  2. Property 24 vs Private Property  
  3. Images that are beautiful 
  4. Video that moves you 
  5. Open Mandate vs Sole Mandate.
  6. So is it just Digital Marketing? 
  7. About Me
  8. If I am into Digital Marketing why then Real Estate? 
  9. I am ready to sell, where do I start?

1. Past Sales & Video

Video compilation of sales

Sole Mandate: Sold on first showday for 1.7M

Sole Mandate: Sold in a month for 1.45M

Sole Mandate: Sold in a month for 1.4M (sold 1 week after video created.)Apartment was under renovations

Sole Mandate Sold in 45 days

Listed Sale

Open Mandate Sold in 7 days first listings

Sole Mandate in 7 days

Same property one done by a professional and one not

Do you want poor photographs?

How not to take pictures

Below are Pictures from poorly marketing the same property at The Sentinel.


  • The apartment was not staged with flowers and was very untidy. 

  • The Images are dark (taken with a cellphone with no HDR Feature)

  • The angle of the photos taken do not capture the

Or Photographs that move you.

The images above are  pictures that I have taken using a wide angle lense that has also undergone editing to allow for a brighter fresher look. Staging and neatening the apartment was also done by me.

4. Using video to sell your home

The science behind video 

HD video tours with highlighted features in order of priority give buyers a complete picture of your home without even speaking to an agent. This helps us sell your home without even speaking to them, sometimes it does a better job as the visual and music add to the experience of living in your home. 


Sometimes when they view the property and go home they may watch the video again which makes them fall in love with the property again. 

Video & Social Media

Video today is exploding on social media, and the clientele we target choose to watch these videos and also have the data and means to do so. Virtual tours should be interesting to watch and the added commentary with text makes watching more informative than just images. House shopping is time-consuming and the ability to see exactly what is on offer from the comfort of your home makes looking for a home a pleasurable experience. 

5. Sole Mandate vs Open Mandate

Once the creative extras for your home are listed on multiple platforms over and above the standard Wakefields Marketing, which includes Property24, Private Property, Wakefield's website, Newspaper publications and a host more, I further commit to providing the additional marketing to you depending on your mandate:

Open Mandate: 

– No paid marketing

– Images only

– Post on select social media platforms

Sole Mandate

– Detailed Full Video Commercial 

– Showcasing Features of the Complex with a model.

– Video to the value of R3500 (What I used to charge Developers) 

R500 – R1000 Paid Digital Marketing Spend with Reports

– Facebook Adverts directly targeting potential buyers

– Google Adwords directly targeting key search terms related to your property 

– Youtube Adverts retargeting interested buyers who have seen your facebook or google advert. 

Marketing Budget is dependant on property valuation vs listed price & duration of the mandate. On average R2000 for every R1Million. 

– Show Days 

– Paid advertising promoting a show day can create a lot of hype. With many buyers coming through at the same time will have your home sold for a higher price much faster. Those first 21 days of a home being listed are critical. 

Where will we post your Property listing?  

  • Facebook Live video (Live videos of the neighbourhood get more interaction)
  • Facebook Marketplace (A more trusted advertising platform than gumtree)
  • Sharing your listing in Facebook Groups (Can be done easily via marketplace listings, but will be a combination with normal posts as marketplace doesn’t allow video)
  • Facebook Stories (Seen on followers of our page)
  • Instagram Feed (max 1 min)
  • Instagram TV (allows longer videos)
  • Instagram Live (for community tour videos)
  • Instagram Stories 
  • Youtube Channel 

So it is just Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not the only key success factor in selling your home, others include:

  • Being authentic towards buyers and sellers giving them the best advice with their interest in mind
  • Knowing everything I can about the property I am selling from the type of tiles to the fixtures and fittings 
  • Limiting the number of homes I list to ensure I maintain focused on the area I am based and the type of properties I sell. 
  • Having regular show houses with as many “On Show” signs pointing buyers in the right direction. 
  • Outstanding Service with Integrity: It’s difficult to find someone who follows through with their word. Keeping my word and ensuring I give the best service & advice to my clientele will be the most important aspect of closing sales. 

7. About Me

My Qualifications: 

  • Bcom Degree in Management & Marketing (2010)
  • Dale Carnegie’s 12-week course 
  • Google Certified 
  • Masterclass Facebook Ads Course with a Real Estate Marketing Guru from the USA. 
  • Director of 2 great companies & My team assists me at Wakefields. 


Certificates and degrees and not as important as watching over 1000’s of Hours on Sales & Marketing videos. I have also read over 15 books on topics such as business, sales, marketing, real estate marketing and much more and continue to strive for perfection.  


  1. If I am into Digital Marketing why then Real Estate?  

I have helped sell Millions of rands worth of real estate for Developments in Durban through our Digital Marketing Company Hashtagweb.  I have over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing Space. 

After pitching my techniques to a property group they had offered me an amazing opportunity to venture with them into selling real estate. One thing lead to another and I joined Wakefields a brand that is well trusted and established in KZN voted 14 years “Your Choice Best Real Estate Agency”. 

  1. So I am ready to sell where do I start?

So you are keen to sell and would like us to bring through clients to view your property. Let’s get started: 

According to Wakefields Company Policy: Unfortunately, I cannot take through clients prior to it being listed. This is to protect you by giving all agents at Wakefields a fair chance at selling your home for a market-related price. If this is not done you will be underexposing your home to the market place prior to an offer coming through. 

To allow clients to view we just have to complete 3 steps: 

1) Arranging a viewing where my colleagues have an opportunity to view the property. 

2) A thorough valuation is conducted so that you understand what your home can be sold for by us looking at facts of what has been sold in your area and complex. 

Here we will look at each past sale and understand: 

– The condition of the unit and any additions to it

– No. of parking bays it was sold with 

– Floor it was on

– Views it had

– Was it sold fully furnished or not

– Acquire pictures if possible. 

If you are happy with the price we expect your home to be sold for we will list your home. 

3) listing your property which entails:

– Confirmation of levies & parking bays from the managing agents

– Editing media (pictures & video)

– Scheduling another date for professional video and images

– Acquiring Body corporate rules & financials

– Acquiring the lease agreement if there is a tenant in place

– Acquiring plans for a residential home. 

4) Scheduling appointments with clients from my current database and market your listing online as per the email and mandate you have selected. 

These 4 easy steps allow us to bring clients through to your property.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document.


June 2019 Awards Breakfast.
Ushir Achieved 2 Silver Class Awads for the 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2019

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